Funny! This is probably everybody’s dream to be stuck on vacation. But we are stuck in New York City for (at least) another week! But it’s not that funny: prices of hotel rooms have IMHO gone dramatically up, we were supposed to go back to work yeseterday and the credit card is overheating…

But the good news is I’m stuck in New York with my 5DmkII and 17L :)

I’ve had to buy a new 16Gb CF card in B&H and my second battery is almost dead (how could I suppose I had to bring my battery charger with me?) but I hope I’ll bring you guys a few good landscapes.

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One Response to “Stuck in NYC”
  1. Alain says:

    Good luck in NYC. I hope you’ll be able to catch a plane soon !
    Can’t wait to see pictures taken with your 17L in NYC. Must be awesome :)